Admission criteria for COVID patients (current 25/03/20)

  1.  All patients with suspected coronavirus should be discussed first with the on call public health physician to determine need for testing
  2. Adult patients, including pregnant females whose sole reason for admission is related to coronavirus will be admitted under the ID team
  3. Adult patients being tested for coronavirus where it is not the sole reason for admission are not admitted under the ID team
  4. Individuals presenting as an exacerbation of a chronic resp illness eg asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis who also need coronavirus exclusion will be admitted under resp. Respiratory will also take individuals requiring oxygen in excess of that deliverable via nasal prongs (eg HFNO, CPAP) and those who are likely to need bronchoscopy or intubation
  5. Paediatric cases will be admitted under paediatrics with ID consultation